White Handwoven Cotton Blended Saree with Print

Regular price 1,785.00 INR

This soft cotton blended Saree comes in unconventional prints and patterns set in a striped white background. The Saree brings the freshness of a garden full of birds and blooming flowers with its motifs.

The large red bird motifs, some flying and some perched on a branch, beautifully come alive on this Saree. The Red Pallu of the Saree perfectly outlines the play of many vibrant colours. Let the Pallu flow to let the birds take a flight of fancy.

The Saree’s background of white with sheer stripes on it renders the sari light, airy and easily adjustable. Walk into a weekend party in this sari and feel fresh right till the end.

This Saree is also suitable if you are attending or organizing a children’s party. Kids will love the look of the birds and flowers. You may even inspire some of the girls to take forward this style statement in future. Playful and fun, this Saree makes a fashion statement of its own with the unique motifs.

Style Tip: Accessorize it with pearl and colorful semi-precious stone ornaments to complete the look. A brightly colored blouse with white piping would set the perfect look.